Frontend Engineer, Self Driving


Palo Alto



Frontend Engineers at Lyft build and own innovative web applications using advanced JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, with a desire to achieve exceptional design fidelity, usability, accessibility, and performance across both desktop and mobile browsers. They are responsible for sound technical execution of web projects through hands-on development, quality-assurance, and prototyping. Projects will require close collaboration with autonomy, integration, operations and backend teams to build web tools using bleeding edge web technologies. These projects may occur simultaneously, so you must be able to juggle multiple concurrent initiatives. We will also expect you to champion sound frontend standards to engineers, designers, and management. 



*Brief daily meeting to sync with small cross-functional team (scrum).

*Go off and crank on your project, checking in with other team members throughout the day with questions and updates.

*You leave the code in a better state than when you found it (progressive refactor).

*Write comprehensive tests of functionality, and ensure that they pass.

*Participate in code reviews to ensure code quality and distribute knowledge.

*Continuous integration and deployment.

*Go home knowing that your work today is meaningfully improving the lives of every Lyft driver and passenger.

 Experience & Skills:

*Must have 5+ years of software engineering industry experience.

*Advanced level knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5.

*Experience working with leading JavaScript frameworks, like React and Angular.

*Good understanding of how browsers and DOM work.

*Experience using web build tools, such as Webpack, Gulp, and Grunt.

*Proficiency with Git or other distributed version control systems.

*Proficiency with browser developer tools.

*Proficiency with the Unix command line interface.

*Solid understanding of web performance.

*Experience with web asset optimization and content delivery networks.

Additional Skills:

*Experience with WebGL libraries like three.js and Mapbox GL.

*Understand mathematical foundations of computer graphics.

*Knowledge of OpenGL rendering pipeline.

*A passion for 3D graphics and data visualization.