Engineering Manager


San Francisco



LiveRamp is looking for Engineering Managers to help support and grow developers in our organization. As an Engineering Manager, you are responsible for making your developers successful by setting context, resolving blockers, removing distractions, instituting smart processes, and recruiting new members for the team. 

You have the ability to guide engineers in their development and create a fun and productive workplace environment. You also have the technical background to serve as a sounding board to the engineers on your team on major projects. We value integrity, empowerment, initiative, and teamwork, and our leaders cultivate these behaviors in the organization.

You will:

*Help recruit and act as a leader within a growing team of engineers.

*Ensure operational excellence and empower the organization to achieve a high level of technical productivity, reliability and simplicity.

*Foster a positive environment of integrity, empowerment, initiative and teamwork.

*Be a coach to the engineers on the team, helping them succeed in their current role while preparing them for future roles.

*Bring a wealth of best practices from past experiences to the team.

Your team will:

*Create beautiful, intuitive, powerful human interfaces to LiveRamp’s services, for all of our customers. 

*Engineer scalable data processing engines of stunning complexity. 

*Build tools to empower LiveRamp’s developers to operate effectively and efficiently.

*Deliver on the technical roadmap for LiveRamp’s core product offerings.

About you:

*You love coaching people and developing an effective organization even more than you love mind-bending technical challenges.

*You have experience mentoring and leading teams, or you are looking to move from a senior engineer position into a role focused on coaching and development. 

*You’ve successfully recruited great people to your teams or have participated as a leader in the interview process. 

*You have an ideology around management and all its attendant responsibilities that is backed by experience and thought. 

*You thrive on a high level of autonomy and responsibility, and you see challenges as opportunities for growth.

*You are excited about collaborating with teammates across LiveRamp.