Senior Software Engineer - Backend


San Francisco



At Liveramp, we are on a quest to build the most flexible and scalable data marketplace. The platform underlying the marketplace ingests, analyzes, enriches and transforms tens of petabytes of data and then delivers the enriched data to our customers. Powering it is a massive Hadoop cluster with over 80K cores and counting. The cluster hosts over 750 petabytes of data.

You will:

*Help lead your fellow engineers as they tackle challenging problems such as implementing SOA and Kubernetes at scale, building our new cloud platform, and migrating our data tier to AWS

*Work on a massively scalable segmentation engine that performs real time segmentation with accurate counts for people based marketing. If you enjoy advanced query processing engines, indexing strategies, and database engines in general, this could be a fit

*Contribute to a high volume, low latency engine that activates targeted data on our customer platforms. This engine counts, filters and joins massive sets of data to efficiently deliver results that provide the highest quality match and reach for our customers. Implement innovative counting algorithms and efficient joins for massive data sets

About you:

*Have 5+ years of experience writing and deploying production code

*You love mentoring junior engineers, and deploying best practices

*Strong ability to abstract complex problems to their essential components and design and implement elegant solutions for them

*Extensive experience with data processing platforms such as Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig 

*Solid understanding of large scale query processing systems

*Proficient in one or more of Java, Go, C++

Bonus points:

*Experience with document databases such as MongoDB, Azure Cosmos DB, Aerospike 

*Experience with designing and implementing interfaces and infrastructure for large volume services and APIs