Lead Software Engineer


San Francisco



At Oncue, we provide an innovative product and service for an industry that impacts millions of Americans every year - moving. Moving companies are still using pen and paper, and lose out on significant revenue simply by not being responsive enough. Oncue's platform helps these companies significantly increase their business and run it better.

Our founders worked for some of the most successful SaaS companies in the last ten years and are passionate about solving a big problem for a massively underserved industry.

Join us as we shape solutions in a manner this industry has not seen before. More importantly, we're fun people to work with :)

The role:

We’re looking for a strong senior-level engineer with 5+ years relevant web development experience (Rails, JS, MySQL/PostgreSQL, React/Angular) to take on a technical leadership role at Oncue.

You will play an integral role in application development and help build a solution that solves problems efficiently and is built to scale with time (but you are wise enough not to over-engineer it :)). You’ll also help us build internal tools and dashboards to improve our processes and track and measure metrics.

What we're looking for in you:

- Strong, demonstrated technical design and hands-on development skills

- You care deeply about architectural discussions and decisions being made on the team and have the experience and intuition to back it

- You understand and welcome the role that a lead engineer plays on a team - you're part strong developer, part reviewer, part gatekeeper (prevent bad design from taking root), part mentor, and someone that others look to for guidance

- Production experience with mature Ruby on Rails, Django, or Node apps. Our back-end stack is Ruby on Rails, so if you haven't worked with it before, you should have the willingness to learn it quickly.

- Fluency with Javascript, jQuery, and preferably with a front-end framework such as React, Vue.js, or Angular

- This is a full-stack role. And as all such roles go, having an eye for what 

looks good on screen and being able to translate product and design requirements into pixel-perfect CSS is imperative

- You lead by example and encourage the team to write feature and acceptance tests but understand that 100% test coverage is a mirage and can prioritize accordingly

What you'll get at Oncue:

- The opportunity for professional growth as a key, early member of a growing engineering organization 

- A competitive salary and meaningful equity in a company that is rapidly signing up paying customers. 

- Work with experienced Sales and Product leaders at an early stage startup that has a proven and highly profitable business model. 

- 60% of our leadership team is female. 

- The opportunity to learn and improve every day. 

Our stack:

Rails, React, React Native, and Postgres db.

Reach out to us:

We'd love to hear from you if the role and what we're doing at Oncue interests and excites you.