iOS engineering to fight Parkinson's, OCD, Depression, Pain, Epilepsy, Alzheimer's

Rune Labs

San Francisco, CA



At Rune Labs, your work will directly forward the development of therapies and treatments of Parkinson’s Disease, OCD, Depression, Alzheimers, and other neurological conditions. 

Rune Labs is a software and data platform that will power the important neuromodulation therapies of the future. We are working directly with both hardware manufacturers and well-known neuroscientists in the field of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to collect, process, and analyze signals recorded from implants inside the human brain and make them useful for therapy development and delivery.

As Rune's first dedicated mobile engineer, you will have the opportunity to create functional, intuitive, and delightful apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Experienced candidates will also help us bring our apps to Android and other health data wearables. The Rune app is adopted both by the general population of Parkinson's diagnosed patients, as well as by the leading neuroscience research groups in UCSF, Duke, Brown, Stanford, and University of Washington, to name a few.

If you believe in instrumenting great user experiences, championing test-driven development, using the best tools for the job, keeping your code DRY, and cringing at the word “technical debt”, then please apply!

Work Environment

+ Our three most important company values are trust, communication, and responsibility. We make all company information available to every employee, regardless of their specialty or focus. We promote an atmosphere of openness, self-awareness, a sense of ownership of goals, flexible working hours, and an objective process for career growth.

+ We don’t work alone. As a healthcare startup we are partnership and community focused. At Rune Labs, you will be part of a larger ecosystem of neuromodulation researchers, implantable device manufacturers, and forward-thinking clinical groups working together on the future of brain-machine-interface systems.

+ We strive to make Rune a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone can be their best and know their impact. An important part of our culture is promoting self-awareness and holding each other responsible for our biases, habits, and language. We are facing complex new challenges in both neuromodulation and software, and it's going to take many unique viewpoints, backgrounds, and problem-solving styles to reach the best solutions.

+ All the free t-shirts you can wear.


+ Ability to work both independently or collaboratively as project needs shift, prioritizing your workload without cutting corners, and actively communicating both concerns and accolades (about anything!)

+ A strong understanding of general mobile development practices, including the testing and release lifecycle of iOS (and optionally Android) apps.

+ Experience implementing non-boilerplate components, e.g. free-form drawing on the screen.

+ Experience dealing with continuously recorded data from the phone or bluetooth-paired devices, including reliably persisting to storage, preventing data loss scenarios, efficiently managing system resources, and streaming data to cloud APIs.

+ Actively keeping up with the constantly evolving iOS (and optionally Android) technology ecosystem, best practices, and engineering trends.

+ Bonus points for experience with MQTT or other technologies in the IoT space.

+ A conscious and considerate approach to both UI and UX, carefully balancing your personal opinion against real metrics and user feedback.

+ Ability to research, evaluate, present, and integrate out-of-the-box solutions (SaaS or open-source) to automate local development, CI (builds, unit testing, integration testing, security/dependency audits), or production monitoring of the app.


+ Swift 4+

+ (optional) Objective-C, Kotlin

+ UIKit, Core Motion

+ (optional) Core Animation, Core Graphics, SwiftUI, WatchKit

+ Bluetooth protocol: device pairing, streaming, custom driver implementation

+ Development and testing frameworks: XCode, Appium, XCUnit, Calabash, EarlGrey, Jest/Jasmine, TestFlight