VP of Engineering


San Francisco



Winning organizations are gaining the upper hand by building data-driven cultures that make smarter, more agile decisions. But fragmented data, disjointed tools, and siloed information can stand in analytics teams' way as they work to deliver insights and focus on high-impact work.

Mode is a powerful, collaborative analytics platform designed by, and for, analysts. Armed with tightly integrated SQL, Python, R, and interactive data visualization tools, analysts use Mode to turn data into actionable insights in one central location. Simple sharing tools let people throughout an organization access dashboards tailored to their needs and explore underlying data on their own. With everyone analyzing and collaborating on consistent data within the same platform, every department is able to quicken the pace at which they make brilliant decisions. 

As a member of the Mode team, you'll also be a steward of our values. Take a look at how our engineering team lives our values here

What you'll do

  1. Enable the Engineering team to deliver outstanding value to the business by ensuring operational excellence at every level
  2. Recruit world-class engineering talent with deliberate and effective hiring strategies
  3. Ensure well-defined career paths and growth opportunities for every engineer
  4. Work with stakeholders across the company and on the executive team to ensure that engineering is moving in lockstep with the business
  5. Build and maintain a culture of speed, excellence, collaboration, mentorship, and open feedback in engineering
  6. Make sure the Engineering team can make excellent technical and architectural decisions with minimal bottlenecks
  7. Provide exceptional coaching and leadership to the senior Engineering management team

What we look for

  1. Prior experience leading an engineering organization
  2. Analytical mindset that allows the prioritization of potential engineering investments for maximum impact
  3. Strong track record of scaling engineering teams
  4. Ability to inspire a team
  5. Desire to place the needs of customers and the business above novelty
  6. Preference for fast-paced environments with tight feedback loops and continuous delivery
  7. Alignment with Mode's values

About Mode

Mode is a collaborative analytics platform that brings teams together around data to make game-changing decisions.

In everything we do, we strive to put the people we do it for first. This starts internally: together we're building a culture that embraces diversity and learning, humility and gratitude. At the same time, we try not to take ourselves too seriously and strive for a healthy balance between work and personal pursuits.

Benefits you can expect as a Mode employee:

  1. Generous, flexible PTO and family leave
  2. Flexible work schedules—we trust you to know what will make yourself most productive
  3. Generous professional development policy that includes funds earmarked for each employee's discretionary professional growth—Have a conference you want to attend? A class you want to take? If it's helping take your career to the next level, it's on us.
  4. Excellent health coverage for team members and their families (Mode pays the 100% of the premiums)
  5. Supportive work environment and a manager who is focused on your professional growth
  6. Company events that highlight our team's passions and hobbies
  7. Snacks and in-office lunches shared at our ever-growing lunch table

Mode is committed to building an inclusive and diverse workforce. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and welcome people from all backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives.